Live Your Life To The Fullest

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How to Live Your Life With Ease and Joy

The ease and joy in which you wish to live is a choice and an opportunity to learn in that moment. You may be put off at times but you can bring yourself back into that center point within yourself of true knowing. Breathing deeply to stay centered allows that focus as well. Embrace your opportunity for growth and live your life with ease and joy. You can choose to have the drama in your life or the calm within. Being in the flow allows you to be calmer while resistance brings with it discomfort.

When you are in the flow of life you become the observer in the play of your life, moment to moment. How do we stay in the present moment and not get ourselves too far into the future or thinking about our past? You begin by noticing what you are noticing. If you are noticing your thoughts and your experiences and what is happening right this moment, you can be in the moment. For example, if you are in a conversation with someone, what are you talking about? What are the words that you are selectively using? What are you learning in that conversation?


If you are eating, do you taste the food? Oftentimes, people eat and don’t know what they have eaten because their thoughts were somewhere else, either in the future or the past. So to be in the now is to live your life fully.

When an artist is painting a picture he or she becomes lost in the picture and there is no time because the blending of the event is so focused. So living a life with focus in the now allows creativity to blossom into beauty.

One of the blocks to living a life of ease and joy is that of the comparing mind. The comparing mind is very disruptive and judgmental. It often judges the self as it compares it to another. You do not know what another’s path is and what appears on the surface is only on the surface. You have no idea what challenges, experiences and learning that person is facing. So most often, it is a surface observation from which one judges the self and that is a distorted perception. You can only recognize what is within you and where you wish to go. Often when you are observing another and having these judgments of comparison, you are judging yourself lesser than the other person.