What Is the Meaning of Life? // Ask Pastor John


What Is the Meaning of Life? // Ask Pastor John

When life just doesn’t seem to make sense, or even when it seems void of any meaning at all, what can help us to know our purpose again?

We field some huge questions on the podcast, like this one from a woman named Abijah, who is going through a lot. “Dear Pastor John, hello! So, I have been dealing with much in life, which has been really hard for the past three years. Normally I could face life’s challenges with the assurance that God was in control and that I could trust him. But beginning in 2018, I started to get really depressed about the whole meaning of life and my own purpose. It was in the midst of my challenges that I lost someone I really loved, and it broke me like nothing ever has. My entire view of God and life has been shattered. I can’t seem to get myself out of wondering why life is even a thing. Life, at least my life, often feels like it has no meaning. Can you renew my vision for life? Can you explain to me: What is the meaning of life?”

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