The Key To Success – Happiness Vlog


The Key To Success – Happiness Vlog

There’s one key trait that makes us successful… and it’s not IQ or talent. Watch this X

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So often, we hear amazing stories of people achieving their goals in their career and life even when the odds are stacked against them.

And then, some people have a natural aptitude and ability towards something, yet when the time comes, they fall short of achieving their goals.

So we wonder, what is the differentiating factor between people who make things happen, and people who don?t?

It?s not social intelligence, it?s not good looks, physical health and it?s not IQ. Researcher Angela Duckworth found that across many different contexts – whether it was with students or military cadets or sales people, the one characteristic that emerged as a significant predictor of success? is grit.

It?s natural to assume that the more talented you are at something, the higher the probability that you?ll excel at that thing.

But what Duckworth found in her extensive research into grit and success is that there?s zero or even a negative correlation – a person with a natural ability does not automatically mean that they have more grit.

And Duckworth?s reasoning makes sense. She said in a Ted Radio Hour podcast interview that ?If you?ve never had to try very hard, if you?ve never had to get up after setbacks and failures, then maybe you don?t cultivate that capacity.?

What this means, is that any one of us is able to do anything we set our mind to, regardless of how much natural talent we have or don?t have. Because all we have to do is to persevere and stay at it, to cultivate the capacity to keep getting up after disappointment.

We all define success differently, but if we ever have a goal or a dream we want to pursue – Angela Duckworth?s advice is valuable, and so simple: ?Grit is living life like it?s a marathon, not like a sprint. It?s sticking with things over the long term and then working very hard at it.?

So here?s to stamina, to being excited instead of deflated by challenges and to cultivating our capacity to achieving personal excellence in whatever we do, and of course, to be happy, always.

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