Happiness Is The Key To Success | Shraddha Sharma | TEDxJUIT


Happiness Is The Key To Success | Shraddha Sharma | TEDxJUIT

Shraddha Sharma talks about her life story and how Youtube changed the life forever.
She shares her ‘life rebooted’ experience from the age of just 15 years when she uploaded her first song- Haal-e-dil.

Her life changed forever after that and she is now a successful singer and a TEDx speaker

Her life had tough choices to make the decision to write her exams or attend the album launch at YouTube FanFest.

Her mantra, play your game! Don’t leave yourself for someone who you are not!

Social media has seen an astounding amount of talent reach out to an ever increasing audience that it so deserves. A shining example of this phenomenon is Shraddha Sharma, who has shaken YouTube ever since she first uploaded her first video back in 2011. ‘Main Tainu Samjhavan Ki’ was soon a rage and amassed tons of views. This motivated her to continue with the exhibition of her amazing singing skills and as of now, she has around 2 Lakh followers on YouTube.

Shraddha’s mother is a music teacher who has trained her daughter since she was 9. Born after two sons, both of whom have now moved away from home, she is the center of her parents’ lives. A quick learner and a lover of music, her classmates and teachers saw at an early age the potential she had. Fast forward to 2016, her old-school guitar-and-the-vocalist videos scream of minimalism and poise that have constantly impressed her viewers.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

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