Bus driver saves passengers life and more positive headlines you may have missed this week


Bus driver saves passengers life and more positive headlines you may have missed this week

Bring on the Pumpkin Spice lattes, autumn foliage and sweater weather. I am here for all things fall because a change in seasons often brings about new energy, excitement and opportunities.

This week I?m highlighting positive news stories from across the world that may have flown under the radar or not gotten as much media coverage as they deserve. My favorite story among this week?s group is about a Miami bus driver who takes pride in serving her community while on the road.

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I like this story because it proves no matter what you do for work, you have the power to make a positive and profound impact on others.


City bus drivers log hundreds of miles per shift making sure passengers get to their destinations safely and on time. One bus driver in Miami recently went above and beyond her regular job duties using keen observations and quick thinking to help save a passenger?s life.

LaRonda Marshall says while driving her normal route a man riding her bus alerted her to another passenger on board who seemed to be sick. Marshall pulled over, called the central office for help and tried to wake the man who appeared to be unconscious. Other passengers helped Marshall lay the sick rider on the floor so she could begin performing CPR until paramedics arrived. 

The man survived, and EMT?s said if Marshall hadn?t performed CPR, the passenger probably would not have made it. Marshall previously worked as a certified medical assistant. In an interview she told reporters she?s happy to be able to put her medical skills to use even though she?s working in a different career field.

This isn?t the first time in her career Marshall has been hailed a hero. In 2017 Marshall saw a man lying in the road after being hit by a car. She pulled her bus at an angle to block him from traffic and stayed with him until help arrived. A month later Marshall spotted a little girl standing in the middle of the street alone and guided the child onto her bus to keep her safe.


An unassuming woman waiting near a Los Angeles Subway platform has become an overnight celebrity after a video of her show-stopping voice has gone viral. Emily Zamoukra was signing in the subway terminal when an LAPD officer stopped to film her. The short clip posted by the officer online quickly racked up more than one million views, sparking a lot of curiosity about the woman with such a powerful voice.

Local media outlets quickly tracked her down and found her backstory to be just as interesting as her voice. Zamourka is a 52-year old Russian immigrant who became homeless after falling on hard times. A series of health problems have made it even harder for the singer to find consistent work and get back on her feet.

Since becoming an internet star Zamourka has been offered a job singing on Saturday evenings at the entrance of Little Italy, an area in San Pedro celebrating Italian heritage in Los Angeles. There?s a GoFundMe page set up for her that?s already raised more than $60,000.

Zamourka recently spoke with a reporter from the Los Angeles Times saying she?s grateful for the officer that filmed her, because it kicked off a whole new wave of opportunities for her to peruse her life-long dream.


A country music fan got a lot more than he bargained for during a back-stage meet and greet with singer Toby Keith. Brandon Rumbaugh is a former marine corporal who lost both legs while serving overseas in Afghanistan. Since his injury, Rumbaugh has used a pair of red, white and blue patriotic-themed crutches to get around. But thanks to a special gift, he now has a new set of wheels.

While performing at a concert in Pittsburgh, country singer Toby Keith, with the help of non-profit organization The Independence Fund presented Rumbaugh with an all-terrain Trackchair. These specialty electric wheelchairs have a rugged design and custom wheels designed to be able to get across all surfaces. According to the U.S. Spinal Association these chairs ?can expand your mobility range by taking you where you always wanted to go but were not able.? 

Rumbaugh got to enjoy his new chair from backstage at Keith?s concert. In a Facebook Post, The Independence Fund organizers said they were honored to help make this special moment possible for a deserving service member.


Duchess of Sussex Megan Markle is constantly in the public eye. From her fashion choices to philanthropy efforts, it seems this former actress turned British Royalty is always a popular focus of national media. The Duchess shared photos from a recent trip to Africa where she visited with a group of mothers and babies.

During the trip Markle met with families who are associated with @Mothers2mothers, a South African charity that works to train and employ women who are living with HIV and help them work as frontline health workers. The mothers associated with the program are people who have been identified as ?Mentor Mothers? and serve as role models for others in their communities.

Before departing Markle donated two large bags full of clothes that her son Archie Harrison wore as an infant. The now five-month old royal baby has many high-end clothes that are gently used. The Duchess left these gently used items with other mothers as a gift and subtle reminder that despite their differences, all mothers share a common bond of love for their children.

?It?s so important we?re able to share what?s worked for our family and know that we?re all in this together with each other,? said Markle in a post on the Sussex Royal Instagram account. ?So, we wanted to share something from our home to each of yours,? she continued in the post?s caption.


The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) has worked for decades to create equality in education by helping make it possible for thousands of minority students to attend college. The UNCF Charlotte chapter and it?s beneficiaries got a big surprise recently during an event that featured Oprah Winfrey as the keynote speaker and guest of honor.

During a speech at the 17th Annual Maya Angelou Women Who Lead Luncheon hosted by UNCF, Oprah announced she would match $1 million dollars that had already been raised through their scholarship fund. Winfrey?s donation boosted the total raised to $2.3 million. The money will help send a handful of students to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

?I believe in the power of education,? Winfrey had just finished telling the audience at the end of her speech. ?There is nothing better than to open the door for someone.?

According to their website, UNCF has helped more than 450,000 students earn college degrees since its founding. It is the nation?s largest private scholarship provider to minority students.

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